History of the Scottish Bowlers' Fellowship (SBF) .

Prior to 1954, bowlers of both genders were members of the Sir Francis Drake Trust which is a charity set up in England to cover the whole of the British Isles. However, Scottish Bowlers felt they were not getting a fair deal from the Sir Francis Drake Trust as no monies had been distributed north of the border.

In 1954 four prominent scottish bowlers were he principle people involved in setting up the Scottish Bowler's Fellowship. They were :

Ernest Noakes Kingston Bowling Club
Hugh Docherty Kingston Bowling Club
Dr John Cockburn Hyndland Bowling Club
George Bennie

Membership of the Fellowship would be open to all bowlers through payment of an annual fee which would be invested to create a fund. Members in members in necessitous circumstances could then apply for grants. The constitution was drawn up and duly registered.

Since inception, the Fellowship has paid out over £368,000 in death and emergency grants. The Fellowship also funds the provision of specialist equipment to facilitate participation by impaired bowlers. Recent projects include the provision of 25 Bradshaw Buggies to indoor and outdoor clubs.

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