Projects supported by SBF.

Milleneum Appeal 2000

The Milleneum Appeal raised £31,000 which included £4,200 of donations. This achievment was acknowledged by the Glasgow City Council with an invitation to a civic reception held on Friday, 19th January, 2001.

Scottish Blind Bowlers Association (SABB)

The Scottish Association of Blind Bowlers (SABB) received a grant of £10,000 towards the World Blind Bowlers championships held in Girvan in August 2001.

The Handicapped Bowlers Association received a grant of£5,000 for the purchase of specially designed wheelchairs for Indoor Club use. These chairs were distributed to clubs accross Scotland.

Disabled Wheelchairs for Outdoor Clubs 2007

25 wheelchairs were presented to 25 different clubs at a ceremony in Glasgow on Sunday, 04th March 2007.

Erskine Hospital Bowling Club 2001

The Erskine Hospital Milieneum Appeal received £5,000 towards the upkeep of their Bowling facilities in 2001.

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