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This page will allow you to download all the forms and other reports .

SBF Membership Forms 2020
Image Title Description
Link to Nominal Roll Form Nominal Roll Form Used by Club Secretary
to enter Member names when
Issuing badges.
Link to Club Membership Form Club Membership Form Used by Club Secretary
to join SBF or Update Club details

SBF Match and Competition Forms 2020
Image Title Description
Link to Games Entry Form Request Entry Form Used by Members
to inform Match Sec. Which
games they would like to play in
Link to Fixtures Diary Sheet Fixtures Diary 2020
Printable sheet of dates
and venue information
for Friendly Matches
Link to Bennie Cup Entry Form Gents - Bennie Cup Entry Form Used by Gent Members
to enter Bennie Cup Fours
Link to Ladies Rosebowl Entry Form Ladies-Rosebowl Entry Form Used by Lady Members
to Enter Rosebowl Triples

SBF Accounts and Annual Reports
Image Title Description
Link to AGM Report 2019 AGM Minutes 2019 Click to view Minutes
Link to AGM Notice 2020 AGM Notice 2020 Click to view AGM Notice
Link to AGM Agenda 2020 AGM Agenda 2020 Click to view Agenda
Link to annual Accounts Accounts 2019 Click to view Accounts
Link to 2020 Magazine SBF Magazine 2020 Click to Read Magazine

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