Guidance for Bowlers at SBF Matches.

Purpose of Games

The purpose of the games is to foster fellowship and spread the word regarding the charitable work carried out by the Fellowship. Many clubs raise funds for the Fellowship at these games.

It is not feasible to cover all areas in Scotland every year so to compensate for this, we visit a region on tour. If your club would like to host the SBF in future years, please contact us at the office.

Rink Play at SBF matches.

Mixed Games must contain at least one gent and one lady member.

What do I do if I want to play in one of the fixtures ?

Games are open to any member of the Fellowship. You may reserve a place at any game by informing the secretary of the SBF. If you are unable to attend , please notify the secretary by giving at least 7 days notice otherwise you may be liable for any expenses incurred.

Fixtures Diary Form 2020

The fixtures diary and other informatioin will be published when available.

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