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Link to Nominal Roll Form

Membership of the SBF is available to all participating bowlers based in Scotland and is managed on an annual basis. The fee for the 2022 season is £2.00 .

Confirmation of membership is by nominal roll form therefore it is essential that all members who purchase badges ensure their names appear on the roll sheets submitted by their clubs.

The SBF makes no distinction between types of bowlers membership therefore there is no need to introduce different types of membership (E.g Juniors).

Most outdoor clubs receive the annual SBF documentation along with new season badges in February (AGM season). Outdoor bowling season commences in April.

Life Membership

Life Membership is available to members for a one off fee of £20.00. This entitles members to receive Life Membership badge. Life members are enrolled and do not require to complete nominal roll on an annual basis.

If you have lost your badge, this can be replaced for a small fee. Please contact office for further detaila.

Club Membership

Not all clubs participate or support the principles of the Scottish Bowler's Fellowship. This may be due to historical reasons or lack of publicity by the SBF. If you are a member or office bearer at your club and require any assistance about the SBF, please contact the office (See footer for details).

Please use the attached form if your club is not already a member of the SBF.

Club Membership Form

Indoor Bowling Clubs

Many former members of Outdoor clubs now play Indoor all year round. This may be due to health reasons , incapacities or social preferences.

If you or your club would like to join the SBF , please download the Club membership form and return it to the office.

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